DISNEY ALBUMS #1-4 (1990-1993)
In between the 35 Comic Albums that Gladstone published during it's first comic license (1985-1990) and the 141 Carl Bark's Library in Color Albums during it's second comic license (1993-1998), Disney published (with assistance from the Gladstone staff) these 8 Comic Albums - chock-full of classics by the master Carl Barks, as well as Floyd Gottfredson, Paul Murry and a number of other greats. We offer them now, for the first times in many years, from the Bruce Hamilton Collection. CLICK TO SEE ALBUMS #5-8
All these comic albums are in 'uncirculated' condition, meaning that they have never been read. However, due to some albums having been boxed before the cover ink was dry....some covers have ink flecks/smudges. Therefore we are selling them in 2 categories...."best condition" and "slightly flawed" condition. Prices reflect the scarcity and condition of the albums. For both categories, the albums in the best condition will be shipped first - so don't wait!. Best Condition Slightly Flawed

Album #1: Donald Duck & Gyro Gearloose - 48 pages:
Front cover by Daan Jippes; "The Think Boxes" by Carl Barks; "Educated Worms" by Carl Barks; "The Day Duckburg Got Dyed" by Carl Barks; "The Map Cap Mariner" by Carl Barks; "Brain Stain" - Art by Carl Barks, author unknown.

$12.00 $6.00

Album #2: The Phantom of Notre Duck - 48 pages:
Front cover by Larry Mayer, based on a layout by Carl Barks; "The Phantom of Notre Duck" by Carl Barks; "Whale of a Good Deed" by Carl Barks and Kay Wright; "Something Fishy Here" by Carl Barks.

$9.00 $7.00

Album #3: Donald Duck in "Dangerous Disguise"- 64 Pages:
Front cover by Carl Baks; "Dangerous Disguise" by Carl Barks; "Donald of the Coast Patrol" by Carl Barks; "The Secret Serum" by Carl Barks; "Border Patrolman Donald" by Carl Barks.

$12.00 $7.00

Album #4: Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot - 72 pages:
Front cover by Larry Mayer and Todd Kurosawa; "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot" - as originally published in the daily newspaper strip from 5/20/39 to 9/9/39 - was plotted and penciled by Floyd Gottfredson, written by Merrill de Maris, ink by Ted Thwaites and Bill Wright.

$15.00 $7.00