Uncle Scrooge Adventures in Color by Don Rosa - (First 2 years of McDuck Adventures)

How did a humble Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge fan from Kentucky become one of the today's most celebrated Disney duck comic book creators? By writing and drawing the stories contained in these four volumes, which were originally published by Gladstone during 1987-89!

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Don Rosa's Earl Years Comic Book Album - Part One Don Rosa's Earl Years Comic Book Album - Part Two Don Rosa's Earl Years Comic Book Album - Part Three Don Rosa's Earl Years Comic Book Album - Part Four

Part One

"Son of the Sun," Rosa's Disney duck debut, brings back Flintheat Glomgold and sends Scrooge and his nephews to the mountains of Peru to find the treasure of Manco Capac. "Cash Flow" features the ducks against the ever terrible Beagle Boys, who have acquired two high-tech weapons from an absent-minded, cabbage-loving professor. Comic album format $15.00

Part Two

"Last Sled to Dawson" is Rosa's now classic adventure that reunites Scrooge once again with his gold-prospecting past. The volume is rounded out by the ten-page "Nobody's Business" and the two-page "The Paper Chase." Comic album format

Part Three

In "Lost in the Andes," Don Rosa follows up not only the classic Carl Barks Donald Duck adventure "Return to Plain Awful," but his own debut adventure, "Son of the Sun." In the second story, Scrooge is determined to find a "Fortune on the Rocks." Comic album format

Part Four

"His Majesty McDuck" is a feature-length tale that provides a mini lesson in civics, economics, and political science as Scrooge decides to secede from the United States! Backing this up is the ten-page "The Curse of Nostrildamus," in which Scrooge and Donald investigate the powers of the legendary snouty seer, and the two-page "Fiscal Fitness." Comic album format

Complete Set - all 4 parts - $60.00

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