Disney Comics

Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck

Series II --- Issues 1-2

Why is there a Series I and a Series II for the Gladstone comic books? When our original license expired (Series I), the Walt Disney Company took over publishing the comics themselves, but after three years -- despite help from Gladstone -- Disney threw in the towel and gave the license back, and Series II was born. This is why, when looking at the comics that Disney published and those that Gladstone published, some titles have numerical gaps, time lags or numbers that were repeated. Despite this minor confusion (all of which had an amazing logic!), we feel the Series II books are far superior in printing, color, paper and often in content! Because of problems in the distribution industry, all the standard-sized monthly titles eventually were incorporated into two monthly 64-page, square-bound comics, Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories. Looking back, we feel these are the comic books that reflect the best of Gladstone.

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Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck #1 (January 1998)
While Scrooge plots to buy a Opera Theatre chain before Flintheart Glomgold does, the Beagle boys scheme to swindle Scrooge out of his money bin, and Magic De Spell maneuvers to get her hands on old Number One dime - in David Gerstein's "Ten-Penny Opera." In Don Rosa's "The Crocodile Collector, Scrooge hires Donald and the boys to explore Egypt and find the rarest animal in the world - the crocodile of the Circus Flaminius.

Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck #2 (March 1998)
In "Christmas Turkeys," by Joel Katz and Donne Avenell, Scrooge and Glomgold are about to corner the market on Turkeys when, mysteriously, both of their supplies disappear! In "Christmas Tree Tangle" by Jim Kenner, Donald and the boys convince Scrooge to supply free Christmas Trees for Duckburg's needy because it won't cost him a dime. But guess who gets to do all the work!? Next, Donald and the boys have a mountain of an adventure as Donald tries to catch his own Turkey for Thanksgiving - in "Donald and the Bear" by Anne-Marie Dester. (FINAL ISSUE OF SERIES)