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Back in 1995, when the cost of paper was soaring, Gladstone Publishing made the decision to hold down the price of its comics by reducing the page count from 36 to 32 and printing the cover on the same paper as the rest of the comics. (Rather than the glossy covers which were customary.) However, regular subscribers got a bonus in the form of a 4-page (one time it was an 8-pager) newsletter which was appropriately called the Gladstone Gazette

What was in the Gazette? Well, here is what one subscriber wrote back then:  "I just received Donald Duck Adventures #34 a couple of days ago. ...Much to my surprise, also in the package was a four-page, nice-quality, black & white newsletter from Gladstone .....This issue of the Gazette tells the story of the ill-fated "Uncle Scrooge Pennywise Comics", explains the "This is the Year that Was" series, offers quotes from Carl Barks, has profiles of some Gladstone employees AND contains the "Cross Talk" and extended Letters to the Editor columns deleted from the smaller, newsprint cover issues.  Actually, very nicely done!"

During 1995 and 1996, there were 9 issues published. Then, the company found it had to raise the price of the comics to $1.95 and went back to the 36-page glossy cover versions - complete with letters to the editor. Thus ended the short but fruitful career of the Gladstone Gazettes.

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