Rare Whitman
Dynabrite Comics
(stiff covers, quality papers, comic album format)
"Donald Duck and the Golden Helmet" 11352 (Four Col­or 408) Donald sails the north seas searching for a Vik­ing helmet that will prove who really discovered America; and "The Lost Peg Leg Mine" (DD52); and "The Dog Catcher" (originally untitled, DD45) Donald becomes an overaggressive dog catcher. 13.00
"Daisy and Donald 7 from Daisy's Diary" 11353 reprints "The Librarian," "The Double Date," "Donald's Party," and "The Beauty QUeen" from Daisy Duck's Diary Four Color 1055; and "A Sticky Situation," "Ring Leader l Roundup," and "Ruling the Roost" from DDDFC 1150, all stories with Donald and Daisy (limited). 13.00
"Uncle Scrooge the Golden Fleecing" 11355 (Uncle Scrooge 12) Scrooge and the ducks sail to fabled Col­chis in search of the mythical Golden Fleece; and "Billions in the Hole" (US 33) Scrooge's engineers in­vent a subtractor, which the Beagle Boys steal to shrink the old duck's money bin. 13.00
"Donald Duck No Such Varmint" 11352-1 (DDFC 318) Donald's snake-charming talents are put to the ultimate test when he tries to soothe a monstrous sea serpent: and Donald and Gladstone vie for Daisy's favor and the I acting lead in a drama club play (untitled, WDC&S 128); I and the story of the origin and first appearance of the r famous Junior Woodchucks (untitled, WDC&S 125, limited) 13.00
"Gyro Gearloose and the Disney Ducks" 11361 reprints Gyro's madcap adventures "The Gab-Mutter," "Milk­ I time Melodies" and "The Lost Rabbit Foot" from Gyro I Gearloose Four Color 1047; and "Monsterville," l "Mighty But Miserable" and "Brain-Strain" from GG FC I 1184 13.00