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On the linked pages are listed many rare Carl Barks reprints of the Old Duck Man's famous Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge stories that have been unearthed in a cache of uncirculated, unread Gold Key and Whitman comic books published between 1975 and 1982, prior to the Gladstone series. Mixed among them are other, lower-priced Disney comics that may or may not have covers by Barks. The Barks issues are indicated by contents, while the non-Barks Disney's (equally rare and usually in lesser supply among this cache) have no listed contents, unless indicated otherwise. All were printed in much smaller quantities than earlier dated numbers (that sell for higher prices) and are, therefore, actually more difficult to find on the collector's market today. The comic book price guides have never had detailed information on the contents or salability of most of these books because of their rarity. They are almost impossible to find today. The prices listed are based on the contents or on how many we've got. The number we have for sale ranges from only one or two to several dozen each. Note that first printings usually sell for many times the cost of these much rarer reprints!

Promptly placed orders will be filled easily and in their entirety while supplies last, but alternates are suggested and will be selected only if first choices are out of stock. Condition varies all the way from Fine to Near Mint, with the average being VeryFine to NearMint minus. We cannot guarantee a particular grading so therefore, all sales are final. However, we can guarantee that early buyers will get the best copies available!

Note: The number immediately following the title is the issue number. The number or numbers in parentheses before or after descriptions indicate the Issue where the reprint originally appeared.