Series I Comic Albums
28 Volume Regular Series
7 Volume Giant Series

(Note, the complete set weighs about 16 pounds)


Large, magazine-size, heavy-stock, square-bound, full-color Gladstone comic albums with new Carl Barks covers created from art taken from one of the five 10-page Donald Duck stories reprinted in each issue of the flagship Disney title. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (a direct. uninterrupted name-change descendant of the original Mickey Mouse Magazine). Prices are based on the number of copies in stock and also greater page counts and higher original cover prices. The Comic Albums in this collection vary in length; Albums #1-25 are 48 pages; #26-28 are 80 pages, Giant #1-3 are 72 pages, Giant #3-4 are 96 pages; Giant #5 is 104 pages and Giant #6 is 112 pages.

Entire Gladstone Albums #1-28 Plus Gladstone Giant Albums #1-7 Series I collection generously discounted to $295.00

Also......a very few Limited Edition Bound Disney Comic Albums Sets (contains all 35 albums) (SOLD OUT) here